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Code Of Practice  

Council of the Development Capital Exchange

Code of Practice for Members

Members agree
  1. As paid up Members of the Development Capital Exchange (DCX) actively to promote its services to the Member’s clients and contacts.
  2. To submit investment opportunities in a format prescribed by DCX, including accurate investment summary templates and backed by a full business plan.
  3. To manage professionally the relationships and negotiations between the applicant and potential investor(s).
  4. To protect fully the confidentiality of client's information and to ensure no commercial or other advantage is taken from any such information without the client's prior permission.
  5. To undertake, diligently, impartially and honestly the work of any funding application and to ensure at all times a high professional standard of work. Where the member believes they cannot help the fund seeker, for commercial or other reasons, then they should explain the reasons and treat the fund seeker with care and respect.
  6. To accept only those assignments appropriate to their qualifications and abilities and, where others are engaged on the Member’s behalf, use every endeavour to ensure their qualifications and experience are appropriate and uphold the Code of Practice of DCX.
  7. To disclose to a client at the engagement stage any personal, financial or other interests which might influence or conflict with the work for that client in any way, in particular: - any Directorship or controlling interest in a business or trade in competition with the client; - any financial interest in goods or services recommended or supplied by the client; - any personal or business relationship with any individual in the client's business or company; - the existence, but not the name, of any current client with competing interests.
  8. Not to invite or solicit an employee of the client with offers of employment whether directly or through a third party.
  9. To negotiate agreements and charge for professional services ethically and professionally.
  10. To provide and agree written terms of reference and other conditions with the client prior to the start of any funding application and to keep the client informed of progress throughout the process.
  11. That the Council of the DCX is authorised to investigate any complaint against a Member.
  12. That the Council may rescind Membership if after due enquiry it is convinced that a Member has failed to abide by this Code of Practice.
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